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Emily Walker
Professional Credential (MD, DO, FNP, LCSW, etc.)
Greater Portland
Practice Name
Martin's Point Scarborough
Field of Practice
Primary Care, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Transgender Care, Pediatric and Youth Care, Elder Care
Services Offered
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Why do you believe this provider should be listed in this database?
I believe that queer, nonbinary and transgender people deserve competent primary care with a provider who can provide a nonjudgemental and accepting environment for patients. Transgender health, particularly hormone therapy, should be a part of primary care, and that is how I approach it, rather than requiring visits with an endocrinologist, unless there is a specific need for specialty care.
What continuing education about treating LGBTQ+ patients does this provider participate in?
I have been providing evidence-based care for LGBTQ+ patients for nearly a decade. Although new to Maine, in my previous practice I saw a large queer and trans/nonbinary patient population, and I was constantly reading and consulting with other colleagues to update my approach. I have been to Gay and Lesbian Medical Association conferences and have reviewed patient care guidelines from WPATH and UCSF Center of Excellence.