Are you an agency or clinic?

Although listing, and working with individual health providers is often practically necessary, in an ideal world LGBTQ+ Mainers deserve to know that entire clinics, agencies, and practices offer safe and affirming healthcare. Similarly, although individual providers may be great, it is often valuable to LGBTQ+ patients to know what clinic a provider is affiliated with, as this can help them understand policies, practices with electronic health records, and what their experience with office staff may be like. 

Maine Queer Health welcomes clinics, agencies, and practices to contact us about listing their entire clinic, individual providers, or what they can do to improve the services provided to LGBTQ+ patients and clients. 

Want to list your clinic or affiliate providers with it? 

MQH is interested in listing information about entire clinics to help improve our referral practices, and to provide further context about the experiences patients can expect with individual providers. We can link clinic pages, which contain information about clinic programs, policies, EHRs, training etc. to individual provider records. We can also list clinic programs as searchable providers, and include you on a quick list of clinics.

If you are interested in any of the above, please reach out to using the contact us page and select “clinic question” as an option. 

Want to list individual providers? 

Looking to list a new provider affiliated with your clinic? Simple use the submit a provider form and include your clinic/agency/practice in the “Practice Name” field. 

If you are representing a provider or clinic listed in our database and you would like to make changes to that listing or have it removed, please use the form on the contact us page and select “existing listing” and describe your relationship to the listing and what you would like changed. 

Interested in training? 

Regular, and ongoing training about the treatment of LGBTQ+ patient populations is necessary to address inequitable access to patient care for LGBTQ+ people. MaineTransNet offers a variety of training programs available to medical, social service, and mental health providers and clinics. More information about this can be found Here.

Interested in consulting? 

Do you have a more specific question concerning and LGBTQ+ health topic? The team here at Maine Queer Health can help you with issues regarding insurance, best practices, electronic health records, intake procedures, and referrals among other topics. Simply send your question to us through the contact us page and an appropriate representative will be in touch.