Mabel Wadsworth Center

700 Mt. Hope Ave, Ste. 420
Bangor, ME 04401


Mabel Wadsworth Center is the only not-for-profit, private, independent feminist health center in Maine and one of just a handful nationwide.

Their mission is to provide health care using a feminist model focused on sexual and reproductive health through education, advocacy, and clinical services.


Among their long list of patient services, Mabel’s offers:


Mabel’s offers affordable services via MabelCare.
MabelCare is a program that offers uninsured clients reduced fees if they meet current eligibility guidelines. Fees are based on a two-tiered income guideline similar to a sliding fee.
For more information please visit:

Client Advocacy

Mabel’s offers free Client Advocacy services. This advocate is there to help clients overcome barriers to accessing healthcare. This service is available to current clients and non clients as well. The advocate is well versed in signing up for insurance, and navigating current insurance issues. They are able help assess what insurance will cover regarding gender affirming care and surgeries. They have a firm grasp on legal name changes and updating gender markers. 
To contact the Client Advocate, Aspen Ruhlin (They/Them), please reach out via email to or call the office at 207.947.5337 

Community Services

Mabel’s offers a variety of services to the community as well!
They have a podcast called “Reproductive Left” that explores topics that impact our sexual and reproductive health and our lives. New episodes air the last Friday of the month.
Mabel’s hosts a variety of events for the community, including panels and social events!
Mabel’s also has a resource for Journalists on standard practices for reporting on reproductive rights and trans people.

Affiliated Providers

Arthenaea “Naea” Westwood-Perkins – LCPC [Mental Health Counseling, Primary Care, Women’s Health, Reproductive Health, Gender Affirming Care]
Bonnie Case – FNP-C  [Sexual and Reproductive Health care, Abortion Care, OB/GYN, Mental Health, HRT, Primary Care]
Julia McDonald – DO, MPH [Mental Health, Primary Care, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Pediatric and Youth Care]
MaryAlice Walker – FNP [Sexual and Reproductive Health, Transgender Care]

For more information on Mabel Wadsworth Center please visit:
Information on becoming a client at the Mabel Wadsworth Center can be found at:
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If you are interested in becoming a patient at Mabel’s, you can schedule an appointment by calling the Mabel’s office at 207.947.5337 or sending an email to