Maine Queer Health is a project under MaineTransNet.

MaineTransNet is Maine’s only organization specifically focused on supporting transgender people. Your financial support helps us to ensure that trans people in every corner of Maine have at least one place in their lives where they are able to safely be themselves. 

Our work is focused on creating supportive community spaces for trans people, their families, and their allies. We also work to increase access to healthcare and social services through our extensive training program in transgender cultural competency targeted at healthcare, mental health, and social service providers.

We welcome you to designate your donation to one of three purposes: 

  • Designate to our general fund that supports all of our programming. We prefer to receive donations this way because it allows us to allocate those funds to the area of greatest need in our work without restrictions. 

  • Our memorial fund is where we ask memorial and in memory gifts to be allocated. These fund will be used to pay for name and gender marker changes of low income transgender Mainers. We think this is the best way to remember and honor members of our community who have passed. 

  • Choose our “Transphobia Fund” if you are looking to balance out a transphobic person in your life. Maybe your cousin posted some meme about trans women really being men, and you want to make sure there is an organization fighting for trans women’s rights in Maine. Choose the “in Honor” option when you donate, and you can send them a message directly to their email letting them know that you donated to our work in their honor! This fund will be used to support long-term power building and things that bring trans people joy, like extra glitter for our pride parade float. 

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and your donation is tax deductible. And as a community based, membership led organization, you can rest assured that your donation will be used to support community identified priorities and needs.