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Maine Family Planning Sexual & Reproductive Health, Transgender Care (Hormones), Abortion Care 18 clinics throughout the state: Greater Lewiston, Greater Bangor, Northern Maine, Mid Coast, Central Maine, Western Maine, The County, Downeast, (we are in all counties except Cumberland, York, and Piscataquis, but could only select one county below)
Hoang V. Dang Primary Care Auburn Central Maine
Dr. Clive Garner , D.C. Holistic Care Augusta Central Maine
Wilder Hart Substance Use Care, Outpatient/Intensive Outpatiet Levels of Care Augusta Central Maine
Jodie Hart Substance Use Care Augusta Central Maine
Julia McDonald Mental Health, Primary Care, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Pediatric and Youth Care Augusta, Bangor Greater Bangor, Central Maine
Sarah Brasslett Mental Health, Transgender Care Bangor and Waterville Greater Bangor, Central Maine
Jen Bella Mental Health, Transgender Care, Psychology Denmark, ME Greater Portland, Greater Bangor, Mid Coast, Northern Maine, Greater Lewiston, Central Maine, Western Maine, The County, Southern Maine, Downeast, Telehealth
Aiden Campbell Mental Health Falmouth Central Maine, Southern Maine, Telehealth
Sara Hayes Sexual and Reproductive Health, Transgender Care Lewiston Greater Lewiston, Central Maine