Provider Information

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Name of Provider
Julia McDonald
Professional Credential (MD, DO, FNP, LCSW, etc.)
Augusta, Bangor
Kennebec, Penobscot
Greater Bangor, Central Maine
Practice Name
Maine Dartmouth Family Medicine Residency, Maine Family Planning, Mabel Wadsworth Center
Field of Practice
Mental Health, Primary Care, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Pediatric and Youth Care
Services Offered
Family medicine, sexual and reproductive health, pediatric, HRTs etc. Mental health care.
Does this provider offer a sliding fee scale?
Does this provider accept MaineCare?
Why do you believe this provider should be listed in this database?
I believe that all people need to have providers who are well informed and comfortable with dealing with the lives that their patients bring into their offices. I believe I offer that.
What continuing education about treating LGBTQ+ patients does this provider participate in?
I've worked with fenway health, and studied trans and queer care during my residency and teach it now, as well as participating in trans focused continuing education.