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Maine Family Planning
Professional Credential (MD, DO, FNP, LCSW, etc.)
18 clinics throughout the state:
Greater Lewiston, Greater Bangor, Northern Maine, Mid Coast, Central Maine, Western Maine, The County, Downeast, (we are in all counties except Cumberland, York, and Piscataquis, but could only select one county below)
Practice Name
Maine Family Planning
Field of Practice
Sexual & Reproductive Health, Transgender Care (Hormones), Abortion Care
Services Offered
Hormonal transition therapy and monitoring for transgender people 18 years old and over; yearly wellness visits for gynecologic care; abortion services on site and via telehealth and through the mail; full range of contraception; STI testing and treatment; PrEP; virtual (telehealth) visits for certain visit types
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Maine Family Planning is committed to providing full range repro health services to LGBTQ+ patients.
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