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Dr. James McElligott
Professional Credential (MD, DO, FNP, LCSW, etc.)
Greater Portland
Practice Name
Counseling Center of New England
Field of Practice
Mental Health, Transgender Care
Services Offered
Individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, and marital therapy
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Dr. McElligott has worked with the LGBTQA community for over 5 years and specializes in working with the transgender community, including evaluations for gender-affirming surgery. He provides affirmative counseling for the LGBTQA community and also works on advocacy and consultation for providers who work with this community.
What continuing education about treating LGBTQ+ patients does this provider participate in?
Dr. McElligott maintains up to date with education on the LGBTQA community, including attending conferences and regular trainings. He also provides trainings to staff who work with this community, including providers and front-line staff.