Name of ProviderField of PracticeCityRegion
Madelyn Sauget Mental Health Gray Greater Portland
Casey-Lyn Knight Mental Health Lewiston, Auburn, Portland, Augusta Greater Portland, Greater Lewiston, Central Maine, Telehealth
Riley Shea Physical Therapy including orthopedic, pelvic health, and chronic pain Portland Greater Portland, Southern Maine, Telehealth
Sean Mitchell Mental Health Portland Greater Portland, Greater Bangor, Mid Coast, Northern Maine, Greater Lewiston, Central Maine, Western Maine, The County, Southern Maine, Downeast, Telehealth
Tonya Guyton-Thompson Mental Health Portland Greater Portland
Andrea Pelletier (she/her) Sexual and Reproductive Health Portland Greater Portland
Rae Egbert Mental Health, Transgender Care, Substance Use Care, Psychology Portland Greater Portland, Telehealth
Pete Franzen Mental Health, Transgender Care Portland Greater Portland, Southern Maine
Jonathan Fellers Mental Health, Substance Use Care, Veteran's Services Portland Greater Portland
Mary Cole Mental Health Portland Greater Portland