Name of ProviderField of PracticeCityRegion
Gray Baldwin Mental Health, Transgender Care Damariscotta Mid Coast, Telehealth
Jen Bella Mental Health, Transgender Care, Psychology Denmark, ME Greater Portland, Greater Bangor, Mid Coast, Northern Maine, Greater Lewiston, Central Maine, Western Maine, The County, Southern Maine, Downeast, Telehealth
Kathleen Dunbar Dental Care Eastport Downeast
Diane Lambert Mental Health Eliot Southern Maine
Aiden Campbell Mental Health Falmouth Central Maine, Southern Maine, Telehealth
Jennifer Curran Mental Health Falmouth Greater Portland
Joslin Chidester Mental Health Falmouth Greater Portland
Samantha Paradis Primary Care Fort Fairfield, Maine The County
Christina Theriault Sexual and Reproductive Health, Transgender Care Fort Kent, Presque Isle Northern Maine, The County
Madelyn Sauget Mental Health Gray Greater Portland